The Latest Episodes of “Big City Grits”

  • Macaroons


    Carrie and Matt may have made them a little messy, but these are the best!Macaroons
  • Haroset in a Hot Minute

    Haroset in a Hot Minute

    The first of our new "Hot Minute" episodes! Watch Matt and Carrie whip up some Haroset for Passover in 60 seconds.Haroset in a Hot Minute
  • Matzoh Ball Soup

    Matzoh Ball Soup

    Carrie and Matt prepare for passover and make a few mistakes along the way.Matzoh Ball Soup
  • From Carrie & Matt

    Bologna Bowls

    I've been down in Nashville for the past month planning my wedding (to BCG sound guy and taste-tester Dan Knobler), visiting with my family, and most importantly: making bologna bowls with my sister.  We'd been hearing about bologna bowls for years; they were my grandma Cauzette's singular culinary masterpiece and my Dad's main food group growing up.  My sister and I embarked on this bologna journey - and just as I suspected, I loved it and she hated it.  Bravo [Read More...]

    Paula Deen

    In January I was lucky enough to be asked to come on Paula Deen's show with my mother. We flew down to Savannah and had the best time. Mom and I shared a hotel room with princess beds, we walked around looking at all the beautiful Savannah streets and houses, and had dinner at a great restaurant - The Olde Pink House. Mom and I were on post-Christmas diets - I don't recommend Savannah on a diet. Paula was so kind [Read More...]